Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Post B

This was the final part of my book and it was very exciting. The whole section was interesting. There was also a lot of excitement and action. I was surprised to find out that the supreme leader of Iran knew nothing of the plot to kidnap Irene Kennedy. He was very angry and had many of the men involved killed. He also had the men responsible for the sinking of the Iranian ship in the Persian Gulf. He also gives the order to have Kennedy released. This is almost irrelevant though because Imad Mukhtar, who is in charge of torturing Kennedy, doesn’t listen to the order. He is one of the main members of Hezbollah and thinks they should go to war with the United States. Rapp does not have any knowledge of this command, but under these circumstances, he would probably go and rescue Kennedy regardless. Mitch is a very determined person and he will stop at nothing to get Irene back. He holds an Imam, a Muslim holy man, at gunpoint in order to find Mukhtar and Kennedy. He frees Kennedy and then returns to Washington. Minister Ashani then contacts Rapp and tells him he has some very valuable information and would like to meet. They meet at Langley, where Ashani gives him all the information he needs to hunt down and kill Mukhtar, which is just what Mitch does. He gets help from monarchy in Lebanon and gets his revenge on Mukhtar. This was a satisfying ending to a very good book.

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