Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post B

The character of Josh Alexander is interesting. He is the president of the United States in this book. He is young but can keep a cool head in tough situations. He is a relatively charismatic speaker. He is very straightforward and honest. He has known Mitch Rapp for most of his political career. He knows how skilled Mitch is at his job. He has had to use Mitch in previous situations and Mitch has come through in every situation. He has also known Irene Kennedy for a long time. This fact makes the fact that she has been kidnapped very important to him. Mitch directly asks the president to, “let him off of his leash” (312). Josh would not let Rapp do whatever necessary, but in this situation with Irene, he knows they need to get her back. He allows Mitch to do whatever necessary to get Irene back. I think that Josh has to make very difficult decisions all the time and he keeps a cool head through and through. I like the character of President Josh Alexander. He is a good man with good intentions. He is also clever. He knows how to handle accusations and threats. In this book, when the Iranian President Amatullah accuses Irene Kennedy of trying to overthrow the Iranian government, he knows how to use the information given to him to counter the remarks. He also manages to calmly say that if Iranian ship gets within 15 miles of any American ship, it will be considered an act of war and the ship will be destroyed. To make such a bold claim with a face void of any anger or fear, takes real guts and determination.

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