Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B

So far this book has really intrigued me. I am at the point where the plot is thickening and details are being revealed which will set up the climax. I think that this book relates to our lives right now because it concerns Iran and their confrontations with us. The book is fiction but has a very believable premise. Iran having a nuclear weapons program which is bombed by the Israelis is an extremely possible scenario. Also, the fact that the Iranians would blame us is an accurate assumption. The switching of storylines at different locations is cool, because it allows for the reader to follow two storylines at once. From the other Vince Flynn books I’ve read, I also know that as the story continues, the separate storylines combine and become one. The author’s writing style is very enjoyable. The way that he writes makes you want to keep reading, whether he’s writing about a video-conference or the bombing of a nuclear facility, you just don’t want to keep reading. I think it is also interesting how Mitch Rapp, the protagonist, has such a high clearance in the government. Even though he is just a CIA operative, he is able to talk with the president, organize meetings with members of foreign agencies, and do other things that I would think would be reserved for members of the president’s cabinet. Overall, this book has been enjoyable. The plot has been thickening ever since the first few chapters. It will be very interesting to see how the book will progress from here.

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