Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post B

The protagonist of the story is Mitch Rapp. He is a special agent working for the United States government. He is a man who has no remorse when he kills. His wife was killed and therefore he is emotionally distraught. Even with her death, when he kills he is able to keep calm and do his job well. So far I like his character. He is likeable as you read farther into the book, and he becomes a very complex personality. He is extremely devoted to his job and it is a very large priority to him. All the things he does are in relation to his job. In addition to devotion to his job, he is determined to right any wrongs in his life. For example, in the opening chapter, he goes and kills a man who bombed the president’s motorcade, killing 8, in order to get his candidate elected. Mitch finds out that Stu Garret is behind the bombing and kills him. In the chapter describing the assassination, you can tell that he pays attention to the smallest details and works with precision. I am intrigued to read more about Rapp and what he will do about the nuclear facility in Iran. From the other Vince Flynn books I have read, I would expect Rapp to take matters into his own hands and correct the problem. He is an interesting character who has a complex personality, and he is a one man army. I would even compare him to a James Bond or, Jason Bourne. He drives the plot forward in a very exciting way.

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