Sunday, September 30, 2007

My memoir so far (part #1)

(The first page of the first chapter is page 9, all previous pages are the prologue)
9. This page describes the food served at the Republican palace in Baghdad and how it was very american.
10. This page describes the dining hall with all of it's Halliburton supplies and patriotic decorations.
11. This page describes the "cliques" of the dining hall and why they were arranged so.
12. This page talks about the Halliburton customer service liason and how he tried to make everything seem like home for the people working in Iraq
13. The palace is described with it's ample luxury as "Versailles on the Tigris".
14. Outsourcing of as many jobs as possible and Halliburton's supply contract with the U.S. military are explained.
15. Housing and amenities in the green zone are described.
16. Transportation and restaurants within the green zone are described.
17. This page describes who runs the green zone and how it is run.
18. This page describes how the author (Rajiv) met Mark Schroeder and what Mark's job is.
19. This page talks about what stores are in the green zone and what those store sell.
20. This page talks about travel outside of the green zone.
21. This page describes the area around the green zone and the rest of Baghdad.
22. This page describes the people (Iraqis) who wanted to enter the green zone. It also describes a suicide bomber attack on the Imam Kadhim Shrine.
23. This page talks about how the Americans didn't talk about the bombing at all. It also describes the man Mahmud Ahmed.
24. This page talks about Mahmud's daily commute to the green zone.
25. This page describes what the traffic is like in Baghdad since the Americans have come.
26. This page describes what Mahmud thinks about the green zone.
27. This page describes how the people in the green zone received their news.
28. This page describes posters put up in the palace that were meant to dicourage secret sharing.
29. This page describes the green zone several days after the Americans liberated Baghdad.
30. This page describes a tour of the palace Rajiv was given shortly after he arrived.
31. This page continues to describe his tour.
32. This page describes how planning for post-war Iraq was carried out.
33. This page describes Jay Garner, the man put in charge of the unofficial planning for post-war Iraq.
34. This page describes how Garner found out about the official post-war planning operation at the Pentagon.
The impact reading this had on me was, i was very surprised toknow that America wasn't really ready to go into Iraq. I was also surprised that the people who worked in the green zone were working in a very nice environment with all amenities. I had never known any of these things were true and finding these things out was very surprising.

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