Sunday, September 30, 2007

My memoir so far (Part #2)

Loaded Words:

1. Bedlam-Complete and total chaos. The author ued this to put how much was going wrong in Baghdad into perspective by over exaggerating. (page 47)

2. Tent-The Author uses this word to describe the Republican palace. He says this because, there was no electricity, running water, or windows. The impact he was trying to make was that the palace had no amenities and therefore was like a tent. (page 47)

3. Rubbled-The author uses this word because it paints a picture in people's mind of bit and pieces of a structure. He uses it to describe a building hit by a cruise missile. (page 49)

4. Gun-toting-The author uses this to create a negative feeling in the reader because of the use of the word gun. Some people may be impartial to this word but most negativley associate this word. (page 54)

5. Dispirited-The author uses this word to get a negative effect. He uses it to show how badly the director of the ORHA felt about the situation in Iraq. (page 56)

6. Scout-The author uses this word to describe Carney the director of the ORHA. The author is trying to illustrate Caney's adaptiveness and preparedness. (page 57)

7. Elder-The author uses this word to show how old William Cohen is without using an impolite term. (page 61)

8. Orbit-The author uses this word to make the point that Paul Bremer III was involved with white house affairs. (page 62)

9. Prohibited-The author uses this word to make a negative impact, because the word is very upfront and extreme. (page 63)

10. Canoodle-The author uses this word to put a positive even childish look on the relationships of the staffers in the green zone. (page 65)

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