Sunday, December 23, 2007

Post B

I thought that this particular section was less active than the previous section. It was full of details and things of that nature, but didn’t have much action. It was basically the aftermath of the attack on Irene Kennedy’s convoy. These parts of books are very important though because, even though they are not necessarily exciting, they provide details and information which move the plot forward. In this section, there is a part where an American submarine is tracking an Iranian submarine and loses it. They pick it up again, but right after they pick it up, it fires a torpedo at another Iranian ship. The Americans are puzzled by this and do not know how to react. Another part of this section, takes place at the American military base in Mosul, Iraq. Mitch Rapp, the main character, is interrogating three prisoners. He needs to get information from them before the Iranians get information out of Irene Kennedy. He takes the fact that she was kidnapped very personally, and is putting all his effort into finding out where Irene is. His main obstacle is the fact that the United States government cannot use cruel and unusual punishment to obtain information from prisoners. Rapp believes that in this particular situation, he should be allowed to do whatever is necessary in order to get the information he needs. Rapp has this struggle but so far is winning. The President even talks to him. In the end though, he is allowed to do whatever he needs to find out where Irene is.

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